Module 3 Lesson 12: A Life of Obedience & Surrender

Welcome to Lesson 12 - Life of Obedience & Surrender

Obedience and surrender is the most important lesson in this book. Without it you will be coming up short in every other area.

Our Lord Jesus requires that we give all of our hearts to him in total obedience and surrender to Him. I love this lesson so much because of the reward that you get -- HIM.

Obedience looks like something. You may have never thought of it that way but it does. But, obedience will cost you. It will cost you-YOU.

This lesson will challenge you and cause you to make some serious decisions about your own personal obedience and heart.

Take your time and answer all the questions from the heart. Pray, seek, and ask God for the answers.

Work at your own pace. Please answer all the questions in each lesson.

Please participate if you signed up for the LIVE teaching or watch the replay of the LIVE teaching of this lesson that you participated in.

Lesson Highlights

  • You will learn the importance of obedience
  • You will learn the rewards of obedience
  • You will see why the two things obedience and surrender go together

Key Takeaway

  • I want you to see that obedience looks like something and costs you something
  • You don't need whatever you are not surrendering God... let it go!

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